Please join SydneyMalcome in supporting the legacy of our Co-Founder Ashley S. C. Walls. 

Support Building Blocks: The Ashley S.C. Walls Foundation on #GivingTuesday
On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, individuals, charities, businesses, and  families come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give.  That's why on this year's Giving Tuesday, we are asking our supporters to help us spread the word about Building Blocks: The Ashley S.C. Walls Foundation!

Those blessed to know Ashley, witnessed the passion she displayed  for making a change in the lives of people and her community. Building Blocks: The Ashley S.C. Walls Foundation is committed to continuing that legacy of support, encouragement, inspiration, and motivation that underscored everything that she did. 
Your generosity will help us identify and provide scholarships and  grants to outstanding emerging leaders, small businesses, or non-profit organizations, who are committed to improving their community building efforts in the areas of education, wellness, and community development.  Awards will be presented at the foundation's first fundraising event in August, 2016

What you can do on GIVING TUESDAY: 

  • Spread the word would by simply changing your Facebook profile pictures with our logo or  re-post this information through your Instagram or other social media networks using the hashtags #awbuildingblocks and #givingtuesday.

  • Donate NOW!


Building Blocks: The Ashley Walls Foundation is a registered 501c3 non-for-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible. 


We appreciate your support of the legacy of Ashley S.C. Walls and hope you consider joining us for our 2016 Summer event! 

Lead Your Organization to Innovation

Lead Your Organization to Innovation

Innovation does not have to come in the form of the hottest tech-gadget. Innovation can have practical uses to advance or even re-launch your organization. Innovation can help you design a valuable program to reach out to a new target population or help you create a way to engage a potential partner.

Even if you have never been the creative type, there are ways to transform your thinking and habits to fashion new ideas. Thinking innovatively can be learned. Those who are regarded as innovative, more than likely use some, or all, of the following basic creativity provoking tactics:

1.    Find connections across areas that are seemingly unrelated

2.    Be Inquisitive

3.    Be on the lookout for new ideas

4.    Interact with people from all backdrops

5.    Take your idea for a dry-run

You might be thinking that the above tactics seem too simple to lend themselves to innovation. But, whoever said that innovation has to be complex? To be clear, the best ideas are those that are not only new and creative but ideas that are useful and used.

The more everyone on your team begins to integrate innovative approaches in their workday, the sooner your organization can be on its way to including innovation as part of its culture. Below are a tactical ways that you can incorporate innovative practices into your organization.

Question Storming

Before trying to figure out a solution, be sure that the problem is fully understood. In a group, take turns asking questions about the problem until everyone has a firm grasp of the situation to be addressed.

Zoom In – Zoom Out

Zoom in to understand the detail of projects. Do the due diligence to uncover the nuances of projects. Then zoom out to see how the project fits in the broader context of the environment in which your organization operates, as well as how the project relates to your stakeholders.

Collect (lots of) Ideas

The best way to get a singular good idea is by making a habit of collecting many ideas. Differentiate ideas by collecting concepts from dissimilar sources. Then combine the hodgepodge of thoughts to create a solution that works for your organization.

Make a Game of Associations

Get your creative juices flowing by forcing new associations. Randomly pair a product/service with a problem. For example, how can random product X help solve problem Y.

Reimagine Your Organization

Combine one (or more) companies with your own. Randomly select from a list of Fortune 500 companies, and determine what value can be derived from a partnership.

Lunch Dates

Keep a diverse and lateral set of contacts in and out of your field. Once a week, have a meal with someone new. Think of it as networking to gain ideas.


To learn more about how SydneyMalcome can empower your organization to meet goals, build community and increase impact, please contact us at info@sydneymalcome.com.

Posted By: Sherria Saafir, a Nonprofit Associate at SydneyMalcome LLC.

The content of this particular blog post derived from The Innovator’s DNA by Dyer, Gregersen and Christensen.


The Art of Rebranding

The Art of Rebranding


There comes a point in our personal or professional lives, when we must reassess our values, goals, and aspirations. We must take into consideration where we have been, where we wanted to go, and compare it to where we are now and where we need to go.  And that’s exactly what we did.

 When SydneyMalcome started in 2012, we found a need for consultative services for small, start-up businesses. As a start-up ourselves with our own individual careers and backgrounds, we knew we would be able to assist these companies by providing interactive assistance, consultation and support in securing various funding opportunities.

As the years passed, we felt that our skills could be better used to benefit companies focused on social and cultural change as well as non-profit organizations that give back to the community, just as we do. So as we embarked on this re-branding process, we took an assessment of our needs, reworked our business plan, and definitely learned a lot along the way. 

So from one start-up to another, here are a few things to keep in mind when rebranding:

1.     Second First Impressions– When rebranding, you are essentially giving your business a second life. Take advantage of that! Your new-found brand image is the FIRST thing your clientele and customers will notice about your brand so it must be well received. As a small start up, it’s important to have something that really catches the eye of your clientele. Whether it is a particular color scheme, a phrase or a tagline that you associate your brand, stick to it and make it fresh.




2.     Consistency is key! – When a company does something simple like change a logo, they change it EVERYWHERE! From social media, packaging, billboards, you name it, that new logo will be the new poster child for the brand. The idea is to not necessarily disassociate the old from the new, but to draw attention to it to say “Hey, we made some changes!” Creating this consistency allows it to become a part of the brand and create automatic association.



3.     Take risks: When it comes to your brand and image, try something new. Notice that there is a reason to why you are rebranding in the first place so when given the opportunity, explore your options, do your research, and create something new that you love more than when you first started.

To give you a more tangible and visual idea about what rebranding can do for a company, check out this article featuring some VERY well known companies. Many of which we use their products or services everyday:


For example, take a look at how Starbucks started off as just an everyday coffee spot but now boasts not only their coffee but the atmosphere of their shops. You can even buy wine there! It's really changed from a morning casual pit stop to one of the fanciest less than $5 coffee, experiences anyone can have. 

We hope this article gave you some courage to make those changes and to continue to do so. Remember, “To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.” -

So keep improving and perfecting.



Thank You

I want to thank you all for your support during the loss of my dear friend and the Co-Founder of SydneyMalcome LLC, Ashley S. C. Walls.  

The SydneyMalcome team is back up and running and ready to support you in taking your dreams and business to the next level. Take some time and explore our new website and see how we can help you! 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Marion L. Malcome

Owner & Chief Consultant